Am Montag, den 14.10.2013, 15:34 +0200 schrieb Vlatko Basic:
> Looks like we're missing the point here. I did add the PPAs, and all
> is OK for me. :-)
> LTS is a stable release, and yet many other apps get updated regulary,
> but GHC does not. GHC is not part of the system itself, it's just an
> app, like many others are. So I expected it to be updated regularly,
> as other do.
> This way it looks like it is abandoned...

the problem is that if you update GHC, you’ll have to update lots of
other packages, and rebuild all Haskell libraries. It’s difficult enough
to target one release; supporting several would be a considerable amount
of work to the maintainers.

OTOH, it is not clear if they know that there is demand for it, and I
don’t know Ubuntu’s release upgrade policies (Debian, for example, would
not allow such an upgrade in a stable release), but maybe you should ask
the maintainers of Haskell in Ubuntu? See
for a possibly up-to-date list of them.


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