The most useful part of this (for me) is the ability to play midi-style
instruments at arbitrary frequencies, so this looks great!

To that end, I'm looking for the definition of the 'CsdSco' typeclass,
as I want to write my own instance. It seems to be referenced in the
csound-expression documentation, and once in a code comment, but is
otherwise absent from the source. Indeed, installing temporal-csound
from hackage fails with the error

    Not in scope: type constructor or class ‘CsdSco’

Where do I find it?


Anton Kholomiov <anton.kholom...@gmail.com> writes:

> Status update for my haskell synth csound-expression. The main point is
> presence of many cool instruments. They are implemented in the package
> csound-catalog. All packages are compiled with GHC-7.10 So the hackage
> fails to build them and unfortunately docs a broken too. But you can look
> at the source code of the module Csound.Patch to now  the names of the
> instruments. The usage is pretty straightforward. It's described here:
> https://github.com/spell-music/csound-expression/blob/master/tutorial/chapters/Patches.md
> There is an mp3 file to listen to the instruments. http://ge.tt/1jNETqN2/v/0
> *The 4.8.3 is out! New features:*
> This is a very important release to me. It tries to solve the problem
> present in the most open source music-production libraries. It's often the
> pack of beautiful sounds/timbres is missing. User is presented with many
> audio primitives but no timbres are present to show the real power of the
> framework. This release solves this problem. See the friend package
> csound-catalog on Hackage. It defines 200+ beautiful instruments ready to
> be used.
> The csound-expression defines a new type called Patch for description of an
> instrument with a chain of effects. It's good place to start the journey to
> the world of music production.
> There are new functions for synchronized reaction on events. The triggering
> of events can be synchronized with given BPM.
> The library is updated for GHC-7.10!
> github repo: https://github.com/spell-music/csound-expression
> hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/csound-expression
> Cheers!


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