*The 4.9.0 is out! New features:*



   Functions for creation of FM-synthesizers. We can create
   the whole graph of FM-units (with feedback). Check out the module

   Support for Monosynth patches. See atMono in the module Csound.Air.Patch
   see the function atMono and atMonoSharp.

   Easy to use Binaural panning. See the module Csound.Air.Pan
   It’s like:

headPan :: (Sig, Sig) -> Sig -> Sig2headPan (azimuth, elevation) asig
= (aleft, aright)

the compiler can supply the right extra files by reading the header of .csd


   Construction of patches for sound fonts (sfPatch, sfPatchHall).

   Table of tables. We can create a table that contains tables.

   Harmonic oscillators for subtractive synth: buz and gbuz
   (the functions are adapted from the Csound ones)

   Reverbs for patches. It’s very easy to add a reverb to your patch
   (withSmallHall patch, withLargeHall patch, etc)

   Some bug-fixes


   - Many mono-synth were added. You can use them with function atMono
   in place of atMidi. The mono versions of patches have suffix m.
   Like hammonOrganm or nightPadm. We can use it like this:

> dac $ atMono nightPadm

   - SHARC instruments. SHARC db contains a FFT-samples for sustain notes.
   It includes many orchestra instruments. There are many new patches that
   use natural sounding timbres taken from the SHARC library.
   Check out functions soloSharc, padSharc, dreamSharc.

We can use it like this:

> dac $ atMidi $ padSharc shCello



   Handy function withBpm allows to query current bpm with in the scope
   of expression.

   Sampler mappers were generalized.

   Char trigering functions are synchronized with bpm.



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