To everyone involved in the Google Summer of Code program,

I have submitted a GSoC proposal to work on EclipseFP, the Haskell
plugin for Eclipse. The proposal is crossposted to both
and the Eclipse Foundation, each in their respective templates. This
is also stated at the top of the proposal.

I send this e-mail because of possible scheduling issues: I will be
away starting on April 15. So, if you want to ask me things, have
suggestions for improvement, or want to do an interview or something,
this can only be done *before* that date.

This is also stated in the proposal, but since I have no idea how the
proposals are processed by the mentoring organizations, I figured that
an explicit notification would be a good idea.

For your convenience, here are links to the proposal. version:
and also on
Eclipse Foundation version:
and also on

If my schedule causes any problems, please let me know. Also, comments
on the proposal in general would be much appreciated.



P.S. I hope it's okay that I post this to the haskell-cafe list as
well; since has no GSoC-specific mailing list, it seems to
be the most appropriate place that I could find.
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