Fellow Haskellers,

I'm happy to announce the release of haskell-mode 2.5.

* By web: http://projects.haskell.org/haskellmode-emacs/
* By darcs: http://code.haskell.org/haskellmode-emacs/

Furthermore, there is a change of maintainer; if you have
issues, you should now contact me instead of Stefan Monnier.

haskell-mode 2.5

I was uncertain whether to mark this a minor or major release.

On the one hand, very little has changed in core functionality.
On the other, a new minor mode for indentation has been added:
haskell-indentation.el, written by Kristof Bastiaensen.

It will be familiar to those of you who have been tracking the CVS
repository; there are only minor bug-fixes relative to the last
version to be uploaded there.

For the rest of you:

haskell-indentation.el is an intelligent indentation mode in the
style of haskell-indent.el, with a few changes to improve
usability. Specifically, instead of a tab cycle, backspace is now
used to reduce the nesting level, while tab will increase it.

The behaviour is otherwise substantially the same; only valid
nestings will be considered.

It can be turned on by adding
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-indentation)
to your .emacs file, as described in the README. As usual,
it is mutually exclusive with the two other indentation modes.

Known bugs:
* Occasionally, the haskell-indentation parser will get stuck
  on what it considers to be invalid haskell code, and refuse
  to accept your commands; this includes, mainly,
  haskell-newline-and-indent. To avoid annoyance, if you bind
  RET to haskell-newline-and-indent, you should bind M-RET
  to plain newline.

Svein Ove Aas
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