> On 16 Sep 2016, at 09:24, Chris Smith <cdsm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess the overriding question I have here is: what is the PROBLEM being 
> solved?  I know of basically no beginners who were confused or intimidated by 
> the syntax of Cabal's file format. 

As a "beginner"(*), I fully agree.
However having more than one language in the mix can be confusing and 

> It's fairly commonplace for beginners to be confused by the *semantics*: 
> which fields are needed and what they mean, how package version bounds work, 
> what flags are and how they interact with dependencies, the relationship 
> between libraries and executables defined in the same file, etc. 

It's all about the semantics - it should preferably be formalised, and ideally 
the relevant library/package system should be able to check/enforce rules.

> But the syntax?  It's just not an issue.  I'm not sure what it means to say 
> that people have to "learn" it, because in introducing dozens of people to 
> building things in Haskell, I've never seen that learning process even be 
> noticeable, much less an impediment.

I quite agree

Andrew Butterfield
School of Computer Science & Statistics
Trinity College
Dublin 2, Ireland

(*) I've only started to use cabal recently, because a TA of mine built a 
cabal-based coursework grading system for me - I generally do application devpt 
in Haskell
and the only build command I need is ghc --make.... Currently moving quickly 
onto stack this year....

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