I am trying to import .csv data and so I am trying to build a simple 
example using cassava and I have run out of ideas to get it to work.  I 
added cassava- to stack.yaml and then the builder failed based on 
version and suggested bytestring-, which I added then version 
failed and suggested deepseq- and then version failed and 
suggested base- and fails and keeps suggesting adding base- 
though it is in there.  I tried "allow-newer: true" and gave a bunch of 
type failures.  I also tried stack solver --update-config which just 
removed all the extra-deps: including cassava.  It appears not to 
find base- This is my first attempt to build something useful with 

*"stack build" output below:*

Error: While constructing the build plan, the following exceptions were 

In the dependencies for deepseq-
    base- from stack configuration does not match >=4.3 && <4.8  
(latest matching version is
needed due to bayesHask- -> deepseq-

Some different approaches to resolving this:

  * Set 'allow-newer: true' to ignore all version constraints and build 

  * Consider trying 'stack solver', which uses the cabal-install solver to 
attempt to find some working build configuration. This can be convenient 
when dealing with many complicated constraint
    errors, but results may be unpredictable.

  * Recommended action: try adding the following to your extra-deps in 

- base-

Plan construction failed.

*stack.yaml file:*
*flags: {}*
*- .*
*- cassava-*
*- bytestring-*
*- deepseq-*
*- base-*

*resolver: lts-12.5*

*#allow-newer: true*

*Lib.hs file:*
*module Lib*
*    ( someFunc*
*    ) where*

*import qualified Data.Text.IO as T*
*import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as BL*
*import Data.Csv*
*import qualified Data.Vector as V*

*someFunc :: IO ()*
someFunc = putStrLn "someFunc"

*package.yaml file:*
*name:                bayesHask*
*version:   *
*github:              "githubuser/bayesHask"*
*license:             BSD3*
*author:              "Jack Vice"*
*maintainer:          "exam...@example.com"*
*copyright:           "2018 Jack Vice"*

*- README.md*
*- ChangeLog.md*

*# Metadata used when publishing your package*
*# synopsis:            Short description of your package*
*# category:            Web*

*# To avoid duplicated efforts in documentation and dealing with the*
*# complications of embedding Haddock markup inside cabal files, it is*
*# common to point users to the README.md file.*
*description:         Please see the README on GitHub at 

*- base >= 4.7 && < 5*
*- text*
*- bytestring*
*- cassava*

*  source-dirs: src*

*  bayesHask-exe:*
*    main:                Main.hs*
*    source-dirs:         app*
*    ghc-options:*
*    - -threaded*
*    - -rtsopts*
*    - -with-rtsopts=-N*
*    dependencies:*
*    - bayesHask*

*  bayesHask-test:*
*    main:                Spec.hs*
*    source-dirs:         test*
*    ghc-options:*
*    - -threaded*
*    - -rtsopts*
*    - -with-rtsopts=-N*
*    dependencies:*
*    - bayesHask*

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