In April 1994 (give or take a month) I announced the availability of
my technical report "Notes on Functional Programming With Gofer".
I recently revised this technical report as:

        Notes on Functional Programming With Gofer.
        Technical Report UMCIS-1995-01,  University of Mississippi,
        Dept. of Computer & Information Science.

This report is a partial set of lecture notes for my course on
functional programming using the lazy functional programming language
Gofer (Haskell).

I did not change the technical content of the report significantly
>from the 1994 version, but I did fix several errors, reorganize the
order of topics, "improve" the presentation in a few places, and add
a few exercises, an index, "bibliography", and section cross-references.
The total printed report is now about 204 pages.  (I use 12 point and have
white space because this came from a series of class handouts and
notes from which I "lecture".  I also have the document set up for
doubled-sided copies.)

The report is available via anonymous ftp from

        directory:      pub/tech-reports
        files:          umcis-1995-01.*
        format:         latex output (.dvi) and Postscript (.ps)
                        but compressed with Gnu gzip (resulting in .gz files) 

As with the previous version, I request that you let me know any
errors that you find in my report and any suggestions you have for its

- Conrad

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