A draft of the Haskell 1.3 report is available by FTP from
ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk [] in

        pub/haskell/report/draft-report-1.3.dvi.gz      [Report]
        pub/haskell/report/draft-libraries-1.3.dvi.gz   [Libraries]

Highlights include:

        Monadic I/O
        A split into prelude and libraries, with qualified names
        Strict data types
        Some minor syntactic revisions

We are planning to revise this and release it in time for FPCA '95.
There will definitely be additional prelude and library changes;
including several new libraries.

Feedback is welcome and will be taken into account when revising the
report, but please remember that we will be very busy over the next few
weeks (I am also away for the next two weeks!).  Please mail typos., minor
notes on syntax etc. to me; substantive comments should be sent to


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