Fuji International Workshop on Functional and Logic Programming
                                July 17--19, 1995
                                Fuji Susono, Japan

                Sponsored by SIGPOP,
                        Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

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The workshop is a forum to present and discuss various issues concerning with
functional programming, logic programming and  integration of functional and
logic programming.

It is a joint workshop of the JSSST functional programming workshop 1995  and
the fourth functional-logic programming workshop.
Topics include (but not limited to) the following:
        Language design, Formal semantics, Compilation techniques,
        Program transformation, Programming methods,
        Integration of programming paradigms,
        Constraint solving & Concurrency, User interface

Original papers, as well as technical expository ones, are solicited.
Authors should submit an extended abstract (written in English) not exceeding
10 pages to the program chairman by e-mail no later than May 22, 1995.
The submissions are judged on relevance, originality, significance, correctness
and clarity. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by June 16, 1995.
Electronic versions of full papers (following  guidelines set by the program
committee) should be due by July 10, 1995.

The proceedings is planned to be published after the workshop.

In addition to regular papers,  invited talks have been scheduled.

Organizing Committee:
        Masami Hagiya (Univ. Tokyo), Tetsuo Ida (Univ. Tsukuba),
        Atsushi Ohori (Kyoto Univ.), Masato Takeichi (Univ. Tokyo)
Program Committee:
        Keijiro Araki (NAIST), Wei-Ngan Chin (National Univ. Singapore),
        Oege de Moor (Oxford Univ.), Teruo Hikita (Meiji Univ.),
        Rita Loogen (Univ. Marburg), Masahiko Sato (Tohoku Univ.),
        Taisuke Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology),
        Masato Takeichi (Univ. Tokyo)
General Chair:
        Tetsuo Ida
        Institute of Information Sciences
        University of Tsukuba
        Tsukuba 305, Japan
        Telephone: +81-298-53-5533
        Internet: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Program Chair:
        Masato Takeichi
        Department of Mathematical Engineering and Electronics
        Faculty of Engineering
        University of Tokyo
        Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan
        Telephone: +81-3-5689-0962
        Internet: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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