Job for Haskell programmer

We are using Haskell (and Happy) to build a set of run time systems
(a compiler and an interpreter) for a constraint-based programming
language. We also plan to start using Haggis and, later, possibly Concurrent

This work is part of an ESPRIT contract (number 20501, CEDAS) which
involves this university and three companies (ICL - UK, Zuken-Redac - UK
and Frequentis - Austria).

We want to recruit someone with extensive Haskell experience. Ideally,
we would like someone who also has experience of building language
run-time systems but this is not a requirement. A competitive salary is
available, the exact rate depending on the person appointed. If the
appointee is not studying for a higher degree, a salary of up to
IRP25,000 is available (IRP1.00 = GBP1.03). If the appointee needs
time off to work on a thesis, the salary will range between IRP10K and

Our group comprises me (see below), a post-doctoral researcher,
three PhD students and three undergraduates. We have our own building
with good computing boxes (mostly Sparcs running Solaris but we have 
just ordered some new UltraSparcs) and excellent other facilities:
our own kitchen, conference room, car park, etc. We have fairly diverse
backgrounds, coming from Ireland, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Cork is the second city of the republic, with a population of
approximately 150,000. There are several theatres and orchestras.
The city is a port with direct ferry connections to Wales and France;
the airport has direct flights to British, continental and US
destinations. There are good beaches about 20 minutes from the city
centre and the coastline is heavily indented with excellent locations
for surfing, sailing and windsurfing. The mountains of West Cork and
Kerry start just down the road ...

The position is available immediately but, if the right candidate is
still finishing a degree, we can delay the start date until late Summer
or early Autumn.

If you are interested, please contact me:
                        Prof. James Bowen
                        Constraint Processing Group
                        Dept. of Computer Science
                        UCC, Cork, Ireland  

                        Direct line: +353 21 903086
                        Secretary: +353 21 902795
                        Fax: +353 21 903113
                        Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Postal address:      |My phone:   +353 21 902863/903086 
 Prof. James Bowen   |Secretary:  +353 21 902795
 Dept. of Comp. Sci. |Dept'l Fax: +353 21 274390 My fax: +353 21 903113 
 UCC, Cork, Ireland  |Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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