IEEE Computer Society
            1998 International Conference on Computer Languages

                         Loyola University Chicago
                        Chicago, USA, 14-16 May 1998

   Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer
   Languages, and by ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages

This is the sixth in a series of conferences devoted to all aspects of
computer languages, serving to bring together people broadly
interested in machine processable descriptions.  The hallmarks of ICCL
are diversity, openness to a wide range of linguistic research, and
international representation.  The focus is on new ideas in languages
and language technology which are innovative or experimental in

Papers are sought that describe significant new theoretical or
experimental results in the design, evaluation or implementation of
programming/specification languages.  Areas of particular interest
include but are not limited to:

    * Implementation, optimization
    * Theory, semantics
    * Abstract interpretation, flow analysis
    * Partial evaluation
    * Parallel and distributed languages
    * Object-oriented languages
    * Functional and logic languages
    * Multiparadigm languages
    * Real-time and fault-tolerant languages
    * Requirements, design, and specification languages
    * Internet programming languages
    * Domain-specific languages

Papers should be at most 20 double-spaced pages in length, should have
an abstract of 250 words, and a separate cover page indicating the
title, authors, and a list of keywords.  Papers will be judged on the
basis of their relevance, significance, originality, correctness, and
clarity.  Accepted papers will appear in a full proceedings published
by the IEEE Computer Society Press, for which authors will be expected
to sign a copyright release form.

Papers may be submitted electronically by sending an e-mail containing
a platform-independent PostScript file (which can be printed on A4
and/or on 11" x 8.5" paper) to the address [EMAIL PROTECTED], or by
sending 5 copies of papers to Purush Iyer, program committee co-chair,
at the address below.  Submissions should be accompanied by a cover
letter that includes a return mailing address, telephone number and
email address.  The papers are due by Oct 1, 1997.  Authors will be
notified of acceptance or rejection by Jan 20, 1998.  Camera ready
versions of accepted papers will be due Feb 15, 1998.

On the day prior to the Conference, a workshop on Internet programming
languages is being planned by Henri Bal ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and Boumediene
Belkhouche ([EMAIL PROTECTED]); details for this and other
pre-conference activities will be publicized in a separate


 Purush Iyer              Young-il Choo           David Schmidt
 Dept of Computer         Gifford-Fong            Computing and Info.
 Science                  Associates              Sciences Dept.
 North Carolina State     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Nichols Hall 234
 University                                       Kansas State University
 Raleigh, NC 27695-8206                           Manhattan, KS 66506, USA
 Tel: +1 919-515-7291                             Tel: +1-913-532-6350
 Fax: +1 919-515-2878                             Fax: +1-913-532-7353
 [EMAIL PROTECTED]                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]


 Henri Bal              (Vrije University, NL)
 Boumediene Belkhouche  (Tulane University, US)
 Young-Il Choo          (Gifford-Fong Associates, US)
 Radhia Cousot          (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, FR)
 Pascal Fradet          (IRISA, FR)
 Dan Friedman           (Indiana University, US)
 Rajiv Gupta            (University of Pittsburgh, US)
 Laurie Hendren         (McGill University, CA)
 Fritz Henglein         (DIKU, DK)
 Purush Iyer            (NC State University, US)
 Joxan Jaffar           (National University of Singapore, SG)
 Kim Marriott           (Monash University, AU)
 Martin Odersky         (University of South Australia, AU)
 Jens Palsberg          (Purdue University, US)
 Uday Reddy             (University of Illinois, Urbana, US)
 John Reppy             (AT&T Research, US)
 Tom Reps               (University of Wisconsin, US)
 Jeremy Gibbons         (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
 Dave Schmidt           (Kansas State University, US)
 Bernhard Steffen       (University of Passau, DE)


 Konstantin Laufer          Joseph Urban (Chair), Arizona State Univ., USA
 Loyola University          Boumediene Belkhouche, Tulane University, USA
 Chicago, IL, USA           Pei Hsia, University of Texas, Arlington, USA

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