David Barton writes:

> >And finally, it makes sense to have separate syntax for arrays and
> >general functions, because different behavior is expected for the two.
> Here, I may be exposing my cluelessness, but this seems a (search for
> a better word ---  none found) silly statement.  There are many cases
> where we want different behavior to be expressed by the same syntax.

Well, perhaps behavior is the wrong word.  Also, I find your approach

On the other hand, general functions and arrays are typically mixed
in a program.  If the distinction between the two is limited to type
declarations, then from my perspective it becomes difficult to read
and understand programs.  The difference between functions as rules
and arrays to me is much more significant than the difference between
adding reals and adding integers.  From your perspective, maybe any
distinction gets in the way.  In practice, I have not had this problem.


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