> I have just realised that nowhere in the report does it say specifically
> what the kernel language is. It says how to translate to it but not what it
> is!! 

The short answer is that the report defines an informal semantics with
a notional "easily understood", but imprecise kernel.  If you want to
understand the semantics at a formal level, read the static and dynamic
semantics.  Together, these define the complete language rather than
relying on implicit translation to a kernel (there is some explicit
translation in the dynamic semantics).  Having worked with SML
semantics, I prefer this more direct approach to a translation:  the
meaning (and type) of a source expression is rather clearer this way.

Both semantics are available from ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk (and probably
animal.cs.chalmers.se and nebula.cs.yale.edu) in:


These are binary, DVI files, of course.


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