In diku.lists.haskell you write:

>Ok.  I know I've seen pointers for this,
>but for the life of me I can't find it...

>Does anybody know where the linux binaries
>are for hbc?  (or any haskell implementation, really.)

You'd better have lots of ram for this ;)

>From the README for Chalmers Lazy ML/Haskell compiler:

                      (Lazy ML/Haskell B Compiler)
        Version 0.999.2 for the i386/i486 running Linux, January 1993

        This is a port of the Chalmers Lazy ML and Haskell Functional 
        Language Compilers for Linux.


        The Linux version is available via ftp from


        Login as "anonymous". Look at the directory "pub/linux". You have to
        get just the file "lml-0.999.2-linux.tar.Z". This file contains the
        binaries needed to execute LML/HBC.



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