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First Electronic Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

Announcement and Call for Papers

At the end of this year a new journal, called Electronic Journal of Functional and 
Programming (EJFLP), will be started. EJFLP is distributed via email! Thus EJFLP will 
available more easily than "hard copy journals" and you will get it FOR FREE. Since  
papers submitted to EJFLP pass through a refereeing process, EJFLP differs from  
ftp-distributed papers.

The aim of EJFLP is to create a new medium for researches investigating the 
integration of  
the functional, logic and constraint programming paradigms.

Papers are being solicited in the following areas:

        - functional and logic languages
        - integration of functional languages, logic languages and  
           constraint systems
        - parallelism in functional and  logic programming languages
        - interpretation, compilation and transformation techniques
        - static analysis for functional and logic programs
        - foundations and semantics (narrowing, residuation, etc)
        - calculi for functional, logic and constraint programming
        - applications
        - declarative programming concepts and methodolgy

There is no page limit for submitted papers. Submit your contribution as a file in 
or dvi format to the email address below. Deadline for the first volume of EJFLP is:

                        August 31, 1993.

Late papers and papers that require a major revision will be considered for the second 

To get some advice for submitting papers to EJFLP send an empty mail with
Subject: Help
You will get an acknowledgement of your submission within some hours.

To subscribe the journal send an empty message
You will receive an acknowledgement of your registration within some days. Anyone who  
has ordered EJFLP will get the contents of any volume along with the abstracts of the  
articles by email.

If there are any problems in handling this to robots please contact

Editorial Board:

Rita Loogen (RWTH Aachen)
Herbert Kuchen (RWTH Aachen)
Michael Hanus (MPI-Saarbruecken)
Manuel MT Chakravarty  (TU Berlin)
Martin Koehler (Imperial College London)
Yike Guo   (Imperial College London)
Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo (Univ. Madrid)
Andy Krall  (TU Wien)
Andy Mueck  (LMU Muenchen)
Tetsuo Ida  (Univ. Tsukuba, Japan)
Hendrik C.R. Lock (IBM Heidelberg)
Andreas Hallmann (Univ. Dortmund)
Peter Padawitz (Univ. Dortmund)
Christoph Brzoska (Univ. Karlsruhe)
Frank Pfennig (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)

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