I've put a new version of Happy up for ftp on


This is a pre-release of version 1.2, and is strictly hackers-only and
documentation-pending.  I've included a brief summary of the changes

The source tree is designed to plug into the Glasgow Haskell
compilation system (i.e. to use the configuration stuff from
ghc-2.04), but I've included a standalone Makefile in
Makefile.standalone for those who'd like to compile it separately.

The documentation is still out of date, but there are a couple of
examples to illustrate the new features: check examples/ErrorTest.ly
for a demonstration of the error recovery and examples/monadtest.ly
for the new monad stuff (and how to keep track of line numbers without

I'd be grateful for any feedback, and with any luck I'll be able to
get a proper release out soon.


Changes from version 0.9a to version 1.2

* Supports Haskell 1.4

* Lots of bugs fixed

* Performance: the parser generator is at least 20% faster, and
  generated parsers should be faster due to the replacement of a
  data type with a newtype.

* Simple error recovery: designed to be enough to implement the
  Haskell layout rule.

* Revamped monad support: the monad can now be threaded through
  the lexer, enabling passing of state between the parser and the
  lexer (handy for the Haskell layout rule), and consistent error

* The %newline feature is removed, the same effect can be achieved
  using the new monad support.

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