There's a Haskell 1.4 report bug list at

John Peterson puts the entries in, but it's really up to others to write
the entry.  

Would you like to document the bugs you've found along with the fixes
and send an entry to John?  It would be a great service to human kind.


| From: Justin Cormack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
| Date: Wed, 23 Jul 97 18:59 BST
| Is there an official place to send bug reports to?
| There are several bugs in the lex function specified in the PreludeText
| section of the Standard Prelude for Haskell 1.4. To start with the subsidiary
| function lexLitChar is not defined. Also there is a typo isAlphaNum instead
| of isAlphanum (this typo also appears on page 34 of the Standard Libraries
| report). There are I suspect some further bugs too. Also Hugs does not lex
| the backquote character as specified in the definition.
| More generally, I wonder why this is in the Prelude rather than a library
| where it would seem more appropriate?
| Justin Cormack

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