Here is my version:

First we need treefold:

module Treefold where

-- I'm surprised treefold isn't in the standard prelude since it's so useful
-- treefold (*) z [a,b,c,d,e,f] = (((a*b)*(c*d))*(e*f))

-- translated from the version I wrote in Ponder in October 1992
-- Jon Fairbairn

treefold f zero [] = zero
treefold f zero [x] = x
treefold f zero (a:b:l) = treefold f zero (f a b: pairfold l)
                     where pairfold (x:y:rest) = f x y: pairfold rest
                           pairfold l = l -- here l will have fewer than two elements


module Heapsort where
import Treefold

-- translated from the version I wrote in Ponder in October 1992
-- Jon Fairbairn

data Heap a = Nil | Node a [Heap a]
heapify x = Node x []

heapsort :: Ord a => [a] -> [a]

heapsort = flatten_heap . merge_heaps . map heapify

    where merge_heaps :: Ord a => [Heap a] -> Heap a
          merge_heaps = treefold merge_heap Nil

          flatten_heap Nil = []
          flatten_heap (Node x heaps) = x:flatten_heap (merge_heaps heaps)

          merge_heap Nil                     Nil = Nil
          merge_heap heap@(Node _ _)         Nil = heap
          merge_heap node_a@(Node a heaps_a) node_b@(Node b heaps_b)
                     | a < b = Node a (node_b: heaps_a)
                     | otherwise = Node b (node_a: heaps_b)

-- end

On 21 Sep , Chris Dornan wrote:
> When would a heap sort be preferable to a merge sort?

a) When you want to explain the imperative heapsort
b) When you know that the data are going to be in an order that is bad for
   mergesort (take n . concat . repeat) [0,1] for example
c) when you are worried about the worst-case behaviour more than the average

Most of the time, mergesort with a phase that breaks the input into
runs will be faster.  However, it's possible to write a heapsort that
starts with a run phase; this is slightly slower than mergesort for
the average case, but the worst case is better.


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