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>Sat, 29 Jul 2000 00:41:38 +0200, Erik Meijer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> pisze:
>>  BTW C# is a pretty cool language too.
>Hmm, I've read a language reference - for me it's just a non-portable Java
>with small bits added, small bits removed and changed some names.

Pretty close. The "value classes" (non-heap allocated, all methods 
are class) are the biggest divergence and might have some benefit 
(depends on your view on OOP). They added enum but they seem them as 
just names constants (real valued enums have been considered for 
.NET). It has its quirks, e.g. differences between "const" and "read 
only" modes seems a little excessive (I'll let people guess what they 

Compiling Haskell (well Mondrian/Haskell# so far, Haskell isn't yet 
finished) has been fairly straightforward, its a fairly decent "high 
level OO assembler"

Nigel Perry, New Zealand

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