Tired of seeing people in OCaml TShirts at ICFP?  Ready to show the
world what language *real* programmers use?  Well, here's your chance.

We're going to add a "store" to haskell.org to offer Haskell stuff for
your holiday shopping convenience.  We're going to start with T-shirts
and other stuff with a Haskell logo on it using cafepress
(www.cafepress.com).  Here's how it works:

Send me a design usable by cafepress (see their web site for more
information).  I'm willing to add any reasonable design to the
haskell store - there isn't going to be a just one winner in this
contest.  Entries not related to Haskell or in really bad taste may be
rejected but I'll try to be fair.  I'll link the store into
haskell.org and we'll be ready to go.  Anything related to Haskell is
OK - you can send in a design for hugs or ghc or any other part of the
Haskell universe.

Items will be sold at no markup - this isn't a fund raiser.  It's just
a way for the Haskell community to become a little more visable.

Send your graphics to [EMAIL PROTECTED] - I'll try to get the
into the store as soon as possble.  If you know of any other sites
similar to cafepress that could sell other things let me know.

All entrants will receive a copy of Hugs 98, completely free of
charge.  Rejected entries will receive ghc instead.  :-)  :-)


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