Dear Haskell library folk

Here's an interesting survey about data structure libraries.  It's Caml
oriented, but very relevant to Haskell too.


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I have reviewed 20 programs I think representative of Caml, trying to
investigate the usages and needs in data structures and algorithms.

The purpose is to have a more precise idea of what is really giving
trouble and help library designers to provide solutions that are
closely related to the programmers needs.

All comments are welcome including corrections and programmers
feedback on code design, etc.

Reviewed programs

Caml (21)

(data) aifad, ibal
(bioinformatics) biocaml
(compilation) ccured, dml, fftw, flowcaml, mojave
(constraint solving) cime, facile, wallace
(parsing) cil, cfg, sister-head
(text) cduce, galax, hevea, regex, timbuk
(theorem proving) coq, harrison, link

Standard ML (1)

(compilation) mlrisc

Haskell (4)

(parsing) alex, happy, parsec
(text) regexplib

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