I would like to announce the availability of my partially complete
MIME processing library. This library is supposed to be able to parse
emails and decode various attachments, and generate emails with

The library includes modules that implement portions of:

 RFC 2045 - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of 
Internet Message Bodies
 RFC 2046 - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types
 RFC 2387 - The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type
 RFC 2822 - Internet Message Format
This library is intended to parse real emails -- so it is not a strict
as the specifications.


There is enough code in place to read in a multipart email with
attachments and decode the parts into an output directory. I believe
there is less support for encoding messages. So, in terms of basic
functionality, there is still a fair bit left to do.

The library namespace is probably wrong, instead MIME.* I should
probably move it to Text.MIME.* or something.

More significantly, the library was written prior to ByteString -- it
would make a lot of sense to update it to support lazy byte strings,
since MIME messages are often rather large.

In any case, I wanted to release this library now since I know other
people are already duplicating some (all?) of the work :) I am quite
happy to accept patches. If someone else has a better code base
already, I am happy to jump ship and work on that code instead.

Either way, I am trying to get a usuable MIME library by the end of
the month.


darcs get http://www.n-heptane.com/nhlab/repos/haskell-mime

There is also a short blurb about it on the bottom of this page:


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