Second International Workshop on
     Rewriting Techniques for Program Transformations and Evaluation

                                 WPTE 2015

                         affiliated with RDP 2015

                       2 July, 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Aims and Scope
The aim of WPTE is to bring together the researchers working on
program transformations, evaluation, and operationally-based
programming language semantics, using rewriting methods, in order to
share the techniques and recent developments and to exchange ideas to
encourage further activation of research in this area. The previous
WPTE was held in Vienna 2014.

Topics of interest in the scope of this workshop include:

* Correctness of program transformations, optimizations and translations.
* Program transformations for proving termination, confluence and
  other properties.
* Correctness of evaluation strategies.
* Operational semantics of programs, operationally-based program
  equivalences such as contextual equivalences and bisimulations.
* Cost-models for reasoning about the optimizing power of
  transformations and the costs of evaluation.
* Program transformations for verification and theorem proving
* Translation, simulation, equivalence of programs with different
  formalisms, and evaluation strategies.
* Program transformations for applying rewriting techniques to
  programs in specific programming languages.
* Program transformations for program inversions and program
* Program transformation and evaluation for Haskell and Rewriting.

The programming languages of interest include pure, deterministic,
impure, nondeterministic, concurrent, parallel languages, and may
employ programming paradigms such as functional, logical, typed,
imperative, object-oriented, and higher-order.

'Program transformation and evaluation for Haskell and Rewriting' is a
new topic of this workshop: equational reasoning and other rewriting
techniques for program verification and analysis; lambda calculi and
type systems for functional programs and higher-order rewrite systems;
rewriting of type expressions in the type checker; rewriting of
programs by refactoring tools, optimizers, code generators; execution
of programs as a form of graph rewriting (terms with sharing);
Template Haskell, generally introducing a rewriting-like macro
language into the compilation process; rewriting modulo commonly
occurring axioms such as associativity, commutativity,
and identity element.

The WPTE-proceedings will be published in the 'OpenAccess Series in
Informatics (OASIcs)' of 'Schloss Dagstuhl Leibniz-Zentrum fuer
Informatik' by the workshop day.

Extended abstracts on work in progress are not included in the OASIcs
proceedings but they will be included in the USB memory which is
distributed to the RDP participants.

Paper Submissions
WPTE accepts two different kinds of contributions:

* Full-papers:
   Full-papers must represent original work and should be submitted
   using the OASIcs LaTeX templates. Full-papers should not exceed 12
   pages. Accepted papers will be included in the OASIcs proceedings.

* Work in progress:
   There will also be a slot for presenting work in progress. An
   extended abstract of at most 4 pages is required to be submitted
   using the OASIcs LaTeX templates. These contributions will not be
   included in the OASIcs proceedings for full-papers but they will be
   distributed to the workshop participants.

One author of each accepted paper or abstract is expected to present
it at the workshop.

Important Dates
* Submission deadline: 17 April 2015
* Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2015
* Deadline for camera-ready proceedings: 29 May 2015
* Workshop:  2 July 2015, Warsaw, Poland

* EasyChair Submission Website

* Homepage of WPTE 2015

* OASIcs Website (including LaTeX templates):

* RDP 2015

Program Committee
Takahito Aoto           (RIEC, Tohoku University)
Yuki Chiba              (JAIST)
Fer-Jan de Vries        (University of Leicester)
Santiago Escobar        (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) - chair
Johan Jeuring           (Open Universiteit Nederland and Universiteit Utrecht)
Delia Kesner            (Universite Paris-Diderot)
Serguei Lenglet         (Universite de Lorraine)
Elena Machkasova        (University of Minnesota, Morris)
William Mansky          (University of Pennsylvania)
Joachim Niehren         (INRIA Lille)
Naoki Nishida           (Nagoya University) - chair
Kristoffer H Rose       (Two Sigma Investments, LLC)
Manfred Schmidt-Schauss (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main)
David Sabel             (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main)
Masahiko Sakai          (Nagoya University)
Janis Voigtlaender      (University of Bonn)
Johannes Waldmann       (HTWK Leipzig)
Harald Zankl            (University of Innsbruck)

Yuki Chiba              (JAIST)
Santiago Escobar        (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia)
Naoki Nishida           (Nagoya University) - chair
Manfred Schmidt-Schauss (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main) - chair
David Sabel             (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main)
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