New Releases

  darcs 2.10.0

    New version of darcs is out packed with features and resolved

  Stackage CLI

    This new tool helps to manage cabal files and share sandboxes.

  Diagrams 1.3

    Diagrams has switched from vector-space to linear for its linear
    algebra package, the internal representation of Measure has
    changed, a new Direction type has been added as well as a number
    of new transform isomorphisms (transformed, translated, movedTo,
    movedFrom and rotated) and new features, and two new backends —
    PGF and HTML5.


  Improving Hackage security by Duncan Coutts

    A TUF-based system is being designed and implemented that will
    significantly improve Hackage security.

  Cartesian Closed Comic #26: IDE

    Should Haskell have an IDE (and if yes should it be web-based),
    or does it already have one?

  Two "camps" of Haskell programmers

    A comment by Tekmo.

  What databases are most Haskellers using?

    It seems that PostgreSQL with persistent or postgresql-simple,
    and esqueleto for more complex queries.


  Episode 4: Stephanie Weirich on Zombie and Dependent Haskell

    "Zombie is a different kind of dependently typed language,
    eschewing automatic β-reduction in the type checker for an
    approach based on explicit equality rewriting, which enables new
    ways of combining proofs and programs, as well as new forms of
    proof automation. Meanwhile, as languages designed for
    dependently typed programming come closer to practical
    applicability, Haskell is also moving towards full dependent

Quotes of the Week

    "My children are in IT, two of them – both graduated from MIT.
     One of them browsed a book and said, “Here, read this”. It said
     “Haskell – learn you a Haskell for great good”, and one day that
     will be my retirement reading." (Lee Hsien Loong)

    "Of course if darcs got the best of git, it's probably better
     than git now ;-)" (maxigit)

    "Yes changesets and snaphosts are isomorphic, therefore being
     based on changesets can't be a selling point. (maxigit) But it
     can, because the tooling evolves around the philosophy shaped by
     the underlying structure. Can you get branches for free in git?
     Sure. Do you? Nope." (kqr)

    "Leksah, Eclipse FP and various newer attempts are so ignored by
     everyone that they are not even in this Comic." (hamishmack)

    "I don't actually want an IDE, but if I did, I'd want one that
     was free as in freedom, not free as in
     freemium." (get-your-shinebox)

    "[Type-level reasoning] is more powerful but entails a hard
     dependency on a computer. Equational reasoning using abstract
     algebra is more "portable"; you can easily do it in your head or
     with pencil and paper." (Tekmo)

    "… without strong typing or the sequestering of side effects
     that Haskell allows you, I felt really lost and confused as to
     why the hell anyone created a language that wasn't
     Haskell." (scientia_est_ars)

    "More polymorphism generally restricts the implementation,
     allowing us to better predict it's behavior. It's a trade-off,
     like most programming decisions." (bss03)

    "(cons cat (cons cat nil))" (Dmitry Ignatiev)

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