I'd like to thank everyone for helping us to get the largest Google Summer
of Code we've ever had for haskell.org off the ground! We have 18 accepted
projects this year, spanning the entire ecosystem. You can find the
official list on:


The most notable change this year is that in addition to the usual stable
full of cabal tweaks (3 projects this year), and other infrastructure and
library changes and the odd darcs project here and there (1 project), we
also took it upon ourselves to act as an umbrella organization for
purescript (2 projects). *

I'd like to thank Johan Tibell for helping us get our ideas organized, and
the /r/haskell moderators for leaving the brainstorming page "stickied" for
the duration. It rather dramatically improved both the quantity and the
quality of proposals we received.

After I put out a call for additional mentoring help, we had 44 mentors
step up to offer to help this time around, showing that we still have
capacity to grow in years to come. Thank you all for putting in the time to
help rank proposals and for your continued efforts over this summer.

I'd also like to thank Shachaf Ben-Kiki and Gershom Bazerman for helping
out with the administration side of things.

Now we are entering what Google calls the "Community Bonding" period.
Students officially start coding May 25th.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Edward Kmett
haskell.org Google Summer of Code Administrator

* Purescript and Darcs proposals went into the same pool as everyone else
this year without earmarking.
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