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The LPNMR 2015 Program Committee is evaluating the submitted papers,
and notifications of acceptance are expected soon. However, we would
like to remember that this year's edition comes along with a very rich
set of associated events: 4 Workshops, the ADT 2015 conference, the
joint ADT/LPNMR Doctoral Consortium, not to mention the 6th Answer Set
Programming Competition. Quite a rich menu, right?

Deadlines are approaching for such events, and this is intended as a
gentle reminder:

 * GTTV'15: June 22, 2015
 * ALPP 2015: July 15, 2015
 * NLPAR 2015: June 22, 2015
 * LNMR'15: June 22, 2015
 * ADT 2015: time over
 * Joint LPNMR-ADT Doctoral Consortium: June 1, 2015
 * Answer Set Programming Competition ASPCOMP: June 1, 2015

More details can be found here:
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