ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications:
            Software for Humanity (SPLASH'15)

       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
       25th-30th October, 2015


       Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

   Doctoral Symposium
 Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS)
 OOPSLA Artifacts
 Student Research Competition
 Student Volunteers

Co-Located Conferences: SLE, GPCE, DBPL, PLoP

The ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: 
Software for Humanity (SPLASH) embraces all aspects of software construction 
and delivery to make it the premier conference at the intersection of 
programming, languages, and software engineering. SPLASH is now accepting 
submissions. We invite high quality submissions describing original and 
unpublished work.

Most of the following tracks have submissions due: 30 JUNE

** Demos **
The SPLASH Demonstrations track is an excellent vehicle for sharing your latest 
work with an experienced and technically savvy audience. Live demonstrations 
show the impact of software innovation. Demonstrations are not product sales 
pitches, but rather an opportunity to highlight, explain, and present 
interesting technical aspects of running applications in a dynamic and highly 
interactive setting. Presenters are encouraged to actively solicit feedback 
from the audience, which should lead to very interesting and entertaining 
demonstration sessions.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Doctoral Symposium **
The SPLASH Doctoral Symposium provides students with useful guidance for 
completing their dissertation research and beginning their research careers. 
The Symposium will provide an interactive forum for doctoral students who have 
progressed far enough in their research to have a structured proposal, but will 
not be defending their dissertation in the next 12 months.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS) **
The 11th Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS) at SPLASH 2015 is the premier forum 
for researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and research on dynamic 
languages, their implementation, and applications. The influence of dynamic 
languages – from Lisp to Smalltalk to Python to Javascript – on real-world 
practice and research continues to grow.

Submissions Due: 15 June, 2015

** OOPSLA Artifacts **
The Artifact Evaluation process is a service provided by the community to help 
authors of accepted papers provide more substantial supplements to their papers 
so future researchers can more effectively build on and compare with previous 
work. The Artifact Evaluation Committee has been formed to assess how well 
paper authors prepare artifacts in support of such future researchers. Roughly, 
authors of papers who wish to participate are invited to submit an artifact 
that supports the conclusions of the paper.

Submissions Due: 9 June, 2015

** Posters **
The SPLASH Poster track provides an excellent forum for authors to present 
their recent or ongoing projects in an interactive setting, and receive 
feedback from the community. We invite submissions covering any aspect of 
programming, systems, languages and applications. The goal of the poster 
session is to encourage and facilitate small groups of individuals interested 
in a technical area to gather and interact. It is held early in the conference, 
to promote continued discussion among interested parties. Posters can be 
independent presentations or associated with one of the other parts of SPLASH.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** SPLASH-E **
The SPLASH-E track brings together researchers and educators to share 
educational results, ideas, and challenges centered in Software and Programming 
Languages. Submission formats vary, including papers, tool demos, lightning 
talks, challenge-topics for discussion, and suggested themes for "unconference" 
sessions.  Help us create an engaging forum for educational issues related to 

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Student Research Competition **
The ACM SIGPLAN Student Research Competition (ACM SRC) is an 
internationally-recognized venue that enables undergraduate and graduate 
students to experience the research world, share their research results with 
other students and SPLASH attendees. The competition has separate categories 
for undergraduate and graduate students and awards prizes to the top three 
students in each category. The ACM SIGPLAN Student Research Competition shares 
the Poster session’s goal to facilitate interaction with researchers and 
industry practitioners; providing both sides with the opportunity to learn of 
ongoing, current research.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Student Volunteers **
The SPLASH Student Volunteer program provides an opportunity for students from 
around the world to associate with some of the leading personalities in 
industry and research in the following areas: programming languages, 
object-oriented technology and software development. Student volunteers 
contribute to the smooth running of the conference by performing tasks such as: 
assisting with registration, providing information about the conference to 
attendees, assisting session organizers and monitoring sessions.

Submissions Due: 7 August, 2015

** Tutorials **
The SPLASH 2015 Tutorials programme will consist of prestigious tutorials on 
current topics in software, systems, and languages research. The scope of 
Tutorials is the same as the conference itself: all aspects of software 
construction and delivery at the intersection of programming, languages, and 
software engineering. Tutorials in particular focus on the nexus between 
research and practice, including work that takes inspiration from or builds 
connections to areas not commonly considered at SPLASH. Tutorials should 
introduce researchers to current research in an area, or show important new 
tools that can be used in research.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Wavefront **
The SPLASH Wavefront track is looking for presentations and technology talks of 
interest to the software community, particularly to software professionals 
working in companies large and small. Wavefront is a forum for presenting 
experience reports and tutorials about innovative tools, technologies, and 
software practices.

Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Workshops **
The SPLASH Workshops track will host a variety of high-quality workshops, 
allowing their participants to meet and discuss research questions with peers, 
to mature new and exciting ideas, and to build up communities and start new 
collaborations. SPLASH workshops complement the main tracks of the conference 
and provide meetings in a smaller and more specialized setting. Workshops 
cultivate new ideas and concepts for the future, optionally recorded in formal 

Late Phase Submissions Due: 30 June, 2015

** Co-Located Events **

SLE - 8th International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE)
Submissions Due: 15 June, 2015

GPCE - 14th International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts & 
Experiences (GPCE)
Submissions Due: 21 June, 2015

DBPL - 15th Symposium on Database Programming Languages (DBPL)
Submissions Due: 15 June, 2015

PLoP - 22nd International Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming (PLoP)
Submissions Due: 12 May, 2015

SPLASH Early Registration Deadline: 25 September, 2015
Contact: i...@splashcon.org<mailto:i...@splashcon.org>
Website: http://2015.splashcon.org<http://2015.splashcon.org/>

Sheraton Station Square Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

SPLASH General Chair: Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University)
OOPSLA Papers Chair: Patrick Eugster (Purdue University)
Onward! Papers Chair: Gail Murphy (University of British Columbia)
Onward! Essays Chair: Guy Steele (Oracle Labs)
DLS Papers Chair: Manuel Serrano (INRIA)
Artifacts Co-Chairs: Robby Findler (Northwestern University) and Michael Hind 
(IBM Research)
Demos Co-Chair: Igor Peshansky (Google) and Pietro Ferrara (IBM Research)
Doctoral Symposium Chair: Yu David Liu, State University of New York (SUNY) 
Local Arrangements Chair: Claire Le Goues (Carnegie Mellon University)
PLMW Workshop Co-Chairs: Darya Kurilova (Carnegie Mellon University) and 
Zachary Tatlock (University of Washington)
Posters Co-Chairs: Nick Sumner (Simon Fraser University)
Publications Chair: Alex Potanin (Victoria University of Wellington)
Publicity and Web Co-Chairs: Craig Anslow (University of Calgary) and Tijs van 
der Storm (CWI)
SPLASH-E Chair: Eli Tilevich (Virginia Tech)
SPLASH-I Co-Chairs: Tijs van der Storm (CWI) and Jan Vitek (Northeastern 
Student Research Competition Co-Chairs: Sam Guyer (Tufts University) and 
Patrick Lam (University of Waterloo)
Student Volunteer Co-Chairs: Jonathan Bell (Columbia University) and Daco 
Harkes (TU Delft)
Sponsorship Chair: Tony Hosking (Purdue University)
Tutorials Co-Chair: Romain Robbes (University of Chile) and Ronald Garcia 
(University of British Columbia)
Video Chair: Michael Hilton (Oregon State University)
Videos Previews Czar: Thomas LaToza (University of California, Irvine)
Wavefront Co-Chairs: Dennis Mancl (Alcatel-Lucent) and Joe Kiniry (Galois)
Web Technology Chair: Eelco Visser (TU Delft)
Workshop Co-Chairs: Du Li (Carnegie Mellon University) and Jan Rellermeyer (IBM 

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