On 15 Aug 2015, at 16:03, David Banas <capn.fre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know why I’m getting redundant entries in my ‘cabal init’ 
> generated .cabal file:
> library
>   exposed-modules:     Language.Broker, Language.Broker
> ?
> Is it because I’m using a *.hsc file, as my source, and cabal is finding both 
> files:
>       • Broker.hsc, and
>       • Broker.hs
> in the Language directory?

Yes. You can (and probably should) remove the `Broker.hs`; if you put:
        build-tools: hsc2hs
(plus version constraint) in your cabal file, then Cabal knows how to generate 
the Haskell file itself.

Which programs are allowed in `build-tools` doesn't seem to be documented as 
far as I can tell, but it is some or all of the things listed here:
In any case, it certainly includes hsc2hs, and also alex, happy, cpphs, c2hs, 
and greencard (but not uuagc :( ). And, btw, you can put support for custom 
preprocessors in your `Setup.hs`, should you need that in future.

> Thanks,
> -db
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