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                          Call for Participation

                 ***Hotel Special rate DEADLINE Sep. 2nd***

                      13th International Conference on
               Logic Programming and Non-monotonic Reasoning
                                LPNMR 2015


                             Lexington, KY, USA
                           September 27-30, 2015

  (Collocated with the 4th Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory 2015)


 Registration procedure is available via http://www.cs.uky.edu/lpnmr2015/.
 Hotel Special rate DEADLINE has been postponed to Sep. 2nd, 2015, and is
 available via http://lpnmr2015.mat.unical.it/hotel-reservations.


 LPNMR 2015 is the thirteenth in the series of international meetings on
 logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning. LPNMR is a forum for
 exchanging ideas on declarative logic programming, non-monotonic reasoning,
 and  knowledge representation. The aim of the conference is to facilitate
 interactions between researchers and practitioners interested in the
 design and implementation of logic-based programming languages and
 database systems, and those working in knowledge representation and
 nonmonotonic reasoning. LPNMR strives to encompass theoretical and
 experimental studies that have led or will lead to the construction of
 systems for declarative programming and knowledge representation, as well
 as their use in practical applications.

LPNMR 2015

 The program will include three invited talks:
 - Stable Models for Temporal Theories - By Pedro Cabalar, University of
   Corunna, Spain
 - Algorithmic decision theory meets logic - By Jérôme Lang, Université
   Paris-Dauphine, France (Plenary session with ADT 2015).
 - Relational and Semantic Data Mining - By Nada Lavrač, Jožef Stefan
   Institute and University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

 This edition of LPNMR will also feature several workshops, a special session
 dedicated to the 6th ASP Systems Competition, and will be collocated with the
 4th Algorithmic Decision Theory Conference, ADT 2015. Joint LPNMR-ADT Doctoral
 Consortium will be a part of the program. Some details follow; full info are
 available via the official conference website http://lpnmr2015.mat.unical.it/.


  WORKSHOPS - LPNMR 2015 will include specialized workshops to be held on
  September 27 prior to the main conference. Currently planned workshops
  - Grounding, Transforming, and Modularizing Theories with Variables
    Organizers: Marc Denecker, Tomi Janhunen
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/gttv2015/
  - Action Languages, Process Modeling, and Policy Reasoning
    Organizer: Joohyung Lee, Gail-Joon Ahn
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/alpp2015/
  - Natural Language Processing and Automated Reasoning
    Organizers: Marcello Balduccini, Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Peter Schueller
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/nlpar2015/
  - Learning and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
    Organizers: Alessandra Russo and Alessandra Mileo
    Website: http://lnmr2015.insight-centre.org/

  ASP COMPETITION - A special session dedicated to a discussion of the
  6th ASP System Competition, including the methodology of the competition,
  benchmarks used, lessons learned and, most importantly, the results and
  the announcement of the winners.

  ALGORITHMIC DECISION THEORY (ADT) 2015 (collocated - same time and place)
  Algorithmic Decision Theory is a vibrant and growing area of research
  concerned with algorithmic aspects of problems arising in social choice
  and economics that involve optimal ways to aggregate preferences. The
  area abounds in hard computational problems and may be an axciting area
  of applications for ASP. The two conferences will seek ways to identify
  and promote synergies between their respective areas of focus.

   - Esra Erdem (LPNMR), Sabanci University, Turkey
   - Nick Mattei (ADT), NICTA, Australia
  More info:

 The organizing committee has limited funds to partially support students
 attending LPNMR, with priority to authors of accepted papers that are not
 funded by the doctoral consortium and have no other funding available.
 The funding will cover registration and partially cover stay in the conference
 hotel or some other hotel located nearby (the exact number of free nights to
 be determined).
 Applicants should submit their requests to lpnmr2...@mat.unical.it. A proof
 of student status is requested. NOTE: Students planning to request financial
 aid should directly contact Miroslaw Truszczynski <mi...@cs.uky.edu> before
 they register.


 LPNMR 2015 is pleased to acknowledge its cooperation with the Association
 for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
 [http://www.aaai.org], which will be publicizing the conference to its
 membership. Of special interest to conference attendees is an introductory
 membership offer from AAAI, which provides a complimentary 1-year online
 membership to conference participants who are new to AAAI. Please send a
 message to membershi...@aaai.org for further details.


 Lexington is a medium size, pleasant and quiet university town. It is
 located in the heart of the so-called Bluegrass Region in Central Kentucky.
 The city is surrounded by beautiful horse farms on green pastures dotted
 with ponds and traditional architecture stables, and small race tracks, and
 bordered by white or black fences. The Horse Museum is as beautifully
 located as it is interesting. Overall, the city has a nice feel that mixes
 well old and new. The conference will be held in the Hilton Lexington
 Downtown hotel.


 Victor Marek, University of Kentucky, KY, USA

 Giovambattista Ianni, University of Calabria, Italy
 Mirek Truszczynski, University of Kentucky, KY, USA

 Yuliya Lierler, University of Nebrska at Omaha, NE, USA

 Francesco Calimeri, University of Calabria, Italy

 Agostino Dovier, Università di Udine, Italy
 Agustín Valverde, Universidad de Màlaga, Spain
 Alessandra Mileo, National University of Ireland, Galway, INSIGHT
Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland
 Andrea Formisano, Dip. di Matematica e Informatica, Università di
Perugia, Italy
 Axel Polleres, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
 Bart Bogaerts, Department of Computer Science, KU Leuven, Belgium
 Chiaki Sakama, Wakayama University, Japan
 Chitta Baral, Arizona State University, USA
 Christoph Redl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
 Daniela Inclezan, Miami University, USA
 David Pearce, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
 Emilia Oikarinen, Aalto University, Finland
 Enrico Pontelli, New Mexico State University, USA
 Esra Erdem, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
 Eugenia Ternovska, Simon Fraser University, Canada
 Fangkai Yang, Schlumberger Ltd
 Fangzhen Lin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
 Francesco Calimeri, Università della Calabria, Italy
 Gerhard Brewka, Leipzig University, Germany
 Giovanni Grasso, Oxford University, UK
 Hannes Strass, Leipzig University, Germany
 Hans Tompits, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
 James Delgrande, Simon Fraser University, Canada
 Jia-Huai You, University of Alberta, Canada
 Joohyung Lee, Arizona State University, USA
 Jose Julio Alferes, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
 Kewen Wang, Griffith University, Australia
 Marc Denecker, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
 Marcello Balduccini, Drexel University, USA
 Marina De Vos, University of Bath, UK
 Martin Gebser, Aalto University, Finland
 Matthias Knorr, NOVA-LINCS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
 Mauricio Osorio, Fundacion de la Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico
 Michael Fink, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
 Michael Gelfond, Texas Tech University, USA
 Orkunt Sabuncu, University of Potsdam, Germany
 Paul Fodor, Stony Brook University, USA
 Pedro Cabalar, University of Corunna, Spain
 Saadat Anwar, Arizona State University, USA
 Stefan Woltran, Vienna University of Technology
 Stefania Costantini, Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze
 dell'Informazione, e Matematica, Univ. di L'Aquila, Italy
 Terrance Swift, CENTRIA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
 Thomas Eiter, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
 Tomi Janhunen, Aalto University, Finland
 Torsten Schaub, University of Potsdam, Germany
 Tran Cao Son, New Mexico State University, USA
 Vladimir Lifschitz, University of Texas at Austin, USA
 Wolfgang Faber, University of Huddersfield, UK
 Yi Zhou, University of Western Sydney, Australia
 Yisong Wang, Guizhou University, China
 Yuliya Lierler, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA


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