CALL FOR PAPERS

                        JFP Special Issue
                   Dependently typed Programming

                 Submission Deadline: January 11th, 2016
                  Expected Publication Date: Late 2016


# Scope

Over the last years there has been sustained interest in functional
programming languages with dependent types. The foundations of
dependently typed programming can be traced back to work by Martin-Löf
from the 1970s. More recently, the increased popularity of
systems such as Agda, Coq, Idris, and many others, reflects the
growing momentum in this research area.

The Journal of Functional Programming will devote a special issue to
programming with dependent types. The purpose of this special issue is
to present the state of the art in dependently typed programming
languages and their applications.

We would like to invite authors to submit papers on all topics
relating to programming languages with dependent types,
including theory, applications, and language design and implementation.

We encourage the submission of consolidated, condensed and extended
work based on prior conference and workshop publications.

# Submission Details

Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format through the Journal of
Functional Programming's website:


Further submission and formatting details can be found on the JFP
website. Please submit your paper under the 'DTP Special issue'

Guest Editors
Peter dybjerpet...@chalmers.se                                  
Chalmers University of Technology       

Wouter swierstraw.s.swiers...@uu.nl
Universiteit Utrecht
The Netherlands
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