Joint Call for Papers
                ETAPS 2016 Satellite Workshops 
        Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2-3 and 8 April 2016


ETAPS, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of
Software, is the primary European forum for academic and industrial
researchers working on topics relating to Software Science. The
nineteenth edition, ETAPS 2016, will take place in Eindhoven, The
Netherlands, 2-8 April 2016, and covers besides the main conferences
ESOP, FASE, FOSSACS, POST and TACAS, a large number of satellite
workshops and other events in the fields of Software Engineering,
Formal Methods, Logics of Programs and the Theory of Computation. 

This is the joint call for papers for ETAPS 2016 for 21 satellite
workshops with open calls.

ETAPS satellite workshops will take place in the weekend of
Saturday-Sunday, 2-3 April, before the ETAPS main conferences, and on
Friday, 8 April, after them. For more information on ETAPS 2016, see

Bx 2016: 5th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations,
8 April, organized by Anthony Anjorin, Jeremy Gibbons, and Perdita
Stevens. Submission deadlines: abstracts 13 January / papers 20
January. See

CASSTING 2016: Workshop on Games for the Synthesis of Complex Systems,
2-3 April, organized by Thomas Brihaye and Nicolas Markey. Submission
deadlines: papers 15 January; presentation extended abstracts 8
February. See

CMCS 2016: 13th International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in
Computer Science, 2-3 April, organized by Ichiro Hasuo. Submission
deadlines: abstracts 4 January / papers 13 January; short
contributions 22 February. See

CREST 2016: 1st Workshop on Causal Reasoning for Embedded and
safety-critical Systems Technologies, 8 April, organized by Gregor
Gößler, Oleg Sokolsky. Submission deadlines: abstracts 10 January /
papers 17 January. See

DICE 2016: 7th International Workshop on Developments in Implicit
Computational complExity, 2-3 April, organized by Damiano
Mazza. Submission deadline: extended abstracts 31 January. See

FESCA 2016: 13th International Workshop on Formal Engineering
approaches to Software Components and Architectures, 3 April,
organized by Jan Kofroň, Jana Tumova, Barbora Buhnova. Submission
deadlines: abstracts 4 January / papers 14 January. See

FMSPLE 2016: 7th International Workshop on Formal Methods and Analysis
in Software Product Line Engineering, 3 April, organized by Julia
Rubin, Thomas Thüm. Submission deadlines: abstracts 18 January /
papers 25 January. See

GaLoP 2016: Games for Logic and Programming Languages XI, 2-3 April,
organized by Paul Levy. Submission deadline: 1-page abstracts 25
January. See

GaM 2016: 2nd Graphs as Models Workshop, 2-3 April, organized by Anton
Wijs, Aleks Kissinger, and Alexander Heußner. Submission deadline:
papers, informal presentation and tool demos abstracts 15 January. See

HCVS 2016: 3rd Workshop on Horn Clauses for Verification and
Synthesis, 3 April, organized by John Gallagher and Philipp
Rümmer. Submission deadlines: abstracts 25 January / papers,
presentation extended abstracts 1 February. See

HotSpot 2016: 4th Workshop on Hot Issues in Security Principles and
Trust, 3 April, organized Veronique Cortier. Submission deadline:
papers 8 January. See

MBT 2016: 11th Workshop on Model-Based Testing, 3 April, organized by
Alexander K. Petrenko, Holger Schlingloff, and Nikolay Pakulin.

MSFP 2016: 6th Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional
Programming, 8 April, organized by Robert Atkey and Neelakantan
Krishnaswami. Submission deadlines: abstracts 10 January / papers 17
January. See

PLACES 2016: 9th Workshop on Programming Language Approaches for
Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software, 8 April, organized by
Dominic Orchard and Nobuko Yoshida. Submission deadlines: abstracts 8
January / extended abstracts 15 January. See

QAPL 2016: 14th International Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of
Programming Languages and Systems, 2-3 April, organized by Mirco
Tribastone and Herbert Wiklicky. Submission deadline: papers 18
January. See

RAC 2016: First international workshop on Resource Aware Computing, 2
April, organized by Kerstin Eder and Marko van Eekelen. Submission
deadline: papers 11 January. See

SynCop 2016: 3rd International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex
Parameters, 3 April, organized by Étienne André and Benoît
Delahaye. Submission deadlines: abstracts 10 January / papers 17
January. See

TermGraph 2016: 9th International Workshop on Computing with Terms and
Graphs, 8 April, organized by Andrea Corradini and Hans
Zantema. Submission deadline: extended abstracts 8 February. See

VerifyThis 2016: 5th Verification Competition, 2 April, organized by
Marieke Huisman, Vladimir Klebanov, Rosemary Monahan, and Peter
Müller. See

VPT 2016: 4th International Workshop on Verification and Program
Transformation, 2 April, organized by Geoff Hamilton, Andrei Nemytykh,
and Alexei Lisitsa. Submission deadlines: abstracts 11 January / papers
18 January. See

WRLA 2016: 11th International Workshop on Rewriting Logic, 2-3 April,
organized by Dorel Lucanu. Submission deadlines: abstracts 6 January /
papers 10 January. See

ETAPS 2016 workshops chair: Erik de Vink, TU Eindhoven

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