Dear Gentle Reader,

Many, many beautiful gems in the Haskell Weekly News archives are worth a
second look.

To give you a taste, I reproduce below excerpts from the quotes section of
the Jan 31, 2007 issue -- yes, that's 9 years ago -- under the editorship
of Don Stewart.


Best, Kim-Ee Yeoh

*Top Picks*

   - Edsko de Vries designs O(1)-amortized and O(1)-worst-case queues
   <> using a
   technique different from the standard literature by Chris Okasaki. In
   particular, the O(1)-worst-case queue employs a Progress datatype that
   could be reused to also optimize data structures other than queues. On the
   other hand, Lennart Augustsson on /r/haskell was pleased as a plum until
   he saw the unsafeInterleaveST
   required to pull off the Progress technique.

   Elsewhere, Hacker News rates the article highly enough
   <> for it to stay on the
   front page for five hours <>. However,
   the comments there belie that the advanced Haskell goes swoosh over the
   head of the average HN reader.

   - Philipp Schuster sketches a FRP implementation based on temporal logic
   <>. Neel
   Krishnaswami explains on /r/haskell why it suffers from space leaks
   <> like
   most other FRP implementations and ways of fixing it.

   - Dan Burton reports that the latest version 0.10 of the json parsing
   package aeson suffers from deal-breaking bugs
   Aeson author Bryan O'Sullivan, of an older email-centered generation,
   explains that he has "a life outside of checking github issues" in
the /r/haskell
   In any case, the next stepping 5 of Stackage LTS rolls it back to
   version 0.9

   - A redditor asks, "What's the TypeInType extension planned for the
   upcoming version 8 of GHC?" The short answer is that it's used for
   dependent type programming. Detailed answers can be found in the actual
   /r/haskell Q&A

   - GHC on ARM used to suffer over 100 failures on the testsuite
   <>. Ben Gamari girds his
   loins and over the last 6 weeks battled against "the villains that plague
   this poor architecture." Result? Nightly builds now compile clean. Go Ben!

*A Blast from the Past (Quotes from #Haskell IRC):*

   - *huschi:* Programing in haskell seems a bit frustrating. i'm missing
   searching for errors :(

   - *bakert:* I know all my programs can be reduced to only one tenth the
   size if only I can learn all these crazy functions

*Quote of the Week*

   - Will Jones: The more I write Haskell, the more it feels like Forth.
   Where I'm basically just inventing a language for my problem, then writing
   the program in that instead.

   (Ed. Dear Will: Remember how Dijkstra once said "Always design your
   programs as a member of a whole family of programs, including those that
   are likely to succeed it"? He would have warmly congratulated you on your

-- Kim-Ee Yeoh
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