Dear all,

it is my pleasure to announce the first release of

  the strongly hyped Haskell interpreter

version ! It is open source and available on Github, where you can also find screenshots and further information about installation:

HyperHaskell is a graphical Haskell interpreter (REPL), not unlike GHCi, but hopefully more awesome. You use worksheets to enter expressions and evaluate them. Results are displayed using HTML.

HyperHaskell is cross-platform and should run on Linux, Mac and Windows. That said, the binary distribution is currently only built for Mac. Help is appreciated!

This is a very first release. Basic features are working, but there is plenty of room to grow. Please send me any feedback, suggestions, bug reports, contributions ... that you might have!

The long term goal of HyperHaskell is to break the boundaries between textual programming ("verbal language") and visual input ("nonverbal language"). This includes graphical output, but also editing code while it's running ("live coding", planned) and interactive output (e.g. "tangible values", planned). This territory is still largely uncharted from a purely functional perspective, probably due to a lack of easily installed graphical facilities. It is my hope that HyperHaskell may provide a common ground for exploration and experimentation in this direction.

Related projects that I know of:

* IHaskell        -
* Haskell for Mac -

Unfortunately, the first has a reputation for being difficult to install, and the second is partially proprietary and Mac only. Hence this new effort.

Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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