> On 2 April 2018 at 03:58, Jens-Ulrik Petersen <peter...@redhat.com> wrote:
>> (I think deleting the abi-depends field from every package .conf would
>> fix this but that would require rebuilding everything and patching Cabal.
>> Well a hack could be to add an RPM file trigger to do this, but I am wary
>> of doing that.)
BTW I am patching ghc-pkg for F28 so that it doesn't complain about
abi-depends when installing packages.

> So first of all please be careful if rebuilding package-versions for F28
>> not to toggle testsuites on or off. If we ship ghc-8.4 in F29 then I think
>> this issue will be gone, since it no longer generates and ignores
>> abi-depends metadata.
> This should be fine if you're rebuilding all dependents (possibly for
> other reasons) though, right?


This probably mostly affects un-subpackaging of deps, which is how it hit

> Generally, I like to enable test suites in my packages. Mostly, I haven't
> been doing this for Haskell because we don't have all the testing deps
> available. Also, cabal-rpm already adds testing deps behind a --with-tests
> flag and since they're disabled by default, I usually never get around to
> enabling them. I think many more of the dependencies should be available
> now that I added some for the git-annex test suite, but there are likely
> quite a few more.

Okay, sure

cabal-rpm disables tests when deps are missing otherwise it enables them.

So anyway be careful with Fedora ghc-8.2.2 if you enable or disable
testsuites for a package version.

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