Dear HCP Gurus,

Aspera client seems to perform really well to utilize the available
bandwidth, but it is a closed source proprietary software (although
happily using open source libraries such as Qt, which it can do).
I wonder if there is any other alternative method to access data,
possibly through a less efficient but open protocol (http/rsync/...)?

Is it possible to use  aspera's cmdline client (ascp) directly
from the command line without requiring it being spawn up by
asperaconnect.bin web-browser plugin?  if "yes" -- could someone point
me to any HOWTO/etc outlining the procedure for authentication using HCP

Thank you in advance for the answers!
Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate,     Psychological and Brain Sciences Dept.
Dartmouth College, 419 Moore Hall, Hinman Box 6207, Hanover, NH 03755
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