I have a question about the preprocessing for the task-fMRI 
grayordinates datasets, specifically the images from the Level 2 
fixed-effects analysis. For clarity, the images I'm asking about are 
those like 

 From Barch et al. (2013) and the HCP_S500 Reference Manual, these 
participant-level analyses were performed with a grayordinates-adapted 
version of the FSL Level 1 and Level 2 analysis routines, using as input 
the output of the fMRISurface pipeline.

Which brings me to the question: Is it correct that the pipelines 
producing these images perform (amongst other preprocessing steps) 
motion correction and spatial normalization (MNI atlas registration) on 
the fMRI images in volume space, before the surface mapping? Figures 19 
and 20 in Glasser et al. (2013) suggest that this is the case, but it is 
a bit unclear.


Joset A. Etzel, Ph.D.
Research Analyst
Cognitive Control & Psychopathology Lab
Washington University in St. Louis
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