The wb_command -cifti-weighted-stats command with -mean is probably what
you want (outputs a number to the command line), though you'll need to have
each ROI as a separate file and run it separately for each of them.
Alternatively, if you turned the ROIs into a label file, you could get
-cifti-parcellate to make a file where each parcel contains the answer for
an ROI.


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 3:26 PM, Michael F.W. Dreyfuss <> wrote:

> Hello, I have run palm with TFCE on my group level data successfully for
> a task based fMRI study (yay!), and I would like to be able to identify
> ROIs from my cifti data (both surface and volume). I then want to extract
> subject level beta weights for a given condition from those ROIs to relate
> those betas to behavior (offline). Are there simple ways to: 1) identify
> regions implicated on the group level and 2) extract subject-level beta
> weights from them, such as with wb_command?
> Thank you,
> Michael
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