There aren't any plans to allow processing without a field map as the resulting 
alignment between EPI and structural data will be poor.  Some folks have used 
mean field maps to try to remove a portion of the distortion, but I don't have 
the code for this.  As for processing without at T2w image, this is possible 
for legacy datasets if you modify the pipelines to only run the parts which do 
not require the T2w image, but this is not recommended for anything other than 
legacy data.



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Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 2:53 PM
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Subject: [HCP-Users] NHP, Pediatric, No Fieldmap/T2w pipelines

Hi all,

I noticed in the FAQs there are plans to update the pipeline so we can process 
non-human primates (NHP), pediatric subjects, and subjects without a fieldmap. 
I was wondering what the status of these updates are. Are they currently in 
development and is there a timeline for release?

On a side is anyone developing a version that can run without a T2w or if the 
T2w is of poor quality?

Anders Perrone

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