Thanks – yes, I had a look at one of the subjects and it seems that everything 
is fine, no errors there. Just let you and other users know.


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Probably the best thing to do would be to download the “Structural extended” 
package for 1-2 subjects, which contains the full FreeSurfer output, including 
all the volumes/thickness in the files in its “stats” directory.  If what we 
have in the downloadable csv doesn’t match the contents of those files for the 
variables in questions, please let us know.


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Subject: [HCP-Users] unrestricted_hcp_freesurfer.csv

Dear all,

I was looking at my recently downloaded file "unrestricted_hcp_freesurfer.csv": 
I have a query on the order of items related to cortical parcellation volumes. 
See column TK: TK is "FS_L_Caudalanteriorcingulate_GrayVol" which is listed 
before "FS_L_Bankssts_GrayVol" (column TL), which is a kind of out of 
alphabetical order in comparison with columns US (FS_R_Bankssts_GrayVol) and UT 
(FS_R_Caudalanteriorcingulate_GrayVol). My question is then: is it possible 
that a small error was made there?

Just wanted to clarify,

Many thanks and regards,


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