Hi experts,

In the final data release of 1206 subjects, out of 1113 subjects with MRI
data 1053 have genetically confirmed family relations.  Of those, there are
158 (79 pairs) dizygotic (DZ) twins. For all DZ pairs, twins in the pair
have the SAME sex.

However, Hulshoff Pol, Schnack et al. (J. Neuroscience 2006,
26(40):10235-10242) reported that 21 out of 58 DZ pairs (36%) were of
OPPOSITE sex within the pair.

1.      Is my observation correct?

2.      Can you explain the 100% SAME sex DZ within-pair twins? Can you
comment, please?

Thank you.


Peka Christova Savayan, PhD
Assistant Prof. Dept. Neuroscience Univ. Minnesota
Graduate program Center Cognitive Sciences Univ. Minnesota
Research Physicist Brain Sciences Center VAHCS

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