Hi Javier,

The only citation describing both the image reconstruction algorithms is the 
HCP 1200 Subjects Reference Manual on pp. 39-40. The original r177 algorithm is 
more fully discussed in the following that you should cite :

Ŭgurbil K, Xu J, Auerbach EJ, Moeller S, Vu A, Duarte-Carvajalino JM, Lenglet 
C, WU X, Schmitter S, Van de Moortele PF, Strupp J, Sapiro G, De Martino F, 
Wang D, Harel N, Garwood M, Chen L, Feinberg DA, Smith SM, Miller KL, 
Sotiropoulos SN, Jbabdi S, Andersson JL, Behrens TEJ, Glasser MF, Van Essen DC, 
Yacoub E (2013). Pushing spatial and temporal resolution for functional and 
diffusion MRI in the Human Connectome 
NeuroImage 80: 80-104.



Jennifer Elam, Ph.D.
Scientific Outreach, Human Connectome Project
Washington University School of Medicine
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660 South Euclid Avenue
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Dear hcp-users,

About the image reconstruction algorithms, apart from the information provided 
in the wiki page, I would like to include in one of my works some references to 
the details of both r177 and 227 algorithms, but so far I have not found 
anything. Do you know any reference I could cite?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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