Dear Professors,

I am pretty new to task fMRI data and I would like to check how to use the 
files in the EVs folder to extract information from the .dtseries.nii file for 
the MOTOR dataset. As an example I chose subject 100307 with the LR phase and I 
was able to build this table from the files in the EVs folder:

type                                    start time (s)
countdown                       0
cue_rightHand                   8.05
rightHand                       11.009
cue-leftFoot                    23.164
leftFoot                                38.291

So suppose I would like to extract from a .dtseries.nii file (having 284 rows x 
91282 grayordinates) the part of the time series corresponding to the Right 
Hand task listed above. Then:

Should I pick all the rows covering the time interval [11.009;23.164] ? 

If so, should I pick rows 15 through 33 from the .dtseries.nii file which cover 
the time interval starting from 10.8 (=0.72*15) until 23.76(=0.72*33) ? 

Moreover, does the same interpretation hold for obtaining the .dtseries.nii 
rows corresponding to the cues and the fixation blocks?

Thank you very much,

Javier Zapata
PhD Student
UC Santa Barbara


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