These are both aligned to the FS_LR spherical surface geographic convention.



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The files without any “registration suffix” came first temporally and were 
generated using “MSMSulc” registration.  When the “MSMAll” registration was 
added later, we then added “MSMAll” as part of the file name.


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Subject: [HCP-Users] what is rfMRI_REST1_LR_Atlas.dtseries.nii

Dear HCPers,
     In the preprocessed data, I found two dtseries data. What is 
rfMRI_REST1_LR_Atlas.dtseries.nii? does it differ from 
rfMRI_REST1_LR_Atlas_MSMall.dtseries.nii only by the MSM align method? Which 
atlas it is based?
Sorry I couldn't find details in the documents.

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