News from the Human Connectome Project (HCP)
March 2, 2018
The Human Connectome Project (HCP) WU-Minn consortium is pleased to announce 
the release of all SNP Genotypes collected for HCP-Young Adult (HCP-YA) 
subjects on dbGaP:

Mapping the Human Connectome - Structure, Function, and Heritability: Healthy 
Young Adults (Age 22-35 Years) Including Twins and their Non-Twin Siblings
dbGaP Study Accession: phs001364.v1.p1
The dbGaP data comprises array and imputed genotyping and a limited number of 
phenotypic variables (self reported sex, age, twin status, and family IDs) 
collected for 1142 of our 1206 released HCP-YA participants, including 149 
pairs of genetically-confirmed monozygotic twins (298 participants) and 94 
pairs of genetically-confirmed dizygotic twins (188 participants). Other open 
and restricted access subject variables are available in 

dbGaP download of the HCP-YA data requires authorized access through a data 
access request initiated after logging into dbGaP with an eRA 
Commons<> PI account. 
General instructions for submitting a successful data access 
 for dbGaP are linked from the blue box on the study page.
You will need to submit as part of the request:

  *   A research statement and a nontechnical summary statement describing your 
planned use of the data.
  *   The name of the institutional signing official who will certify the terms 
of use assurances on behalf of your institution.
  *   A list of all internal investigators at your institution who will share 
access to the data for the proposed research.
  *   A list of external collaborating investigators.
  *   The name of the information technology (IT) Director for your institution.
  *   Local Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for use.

Once you are logged in and click Create/Begin a New Research Project, on the 
Choose Datasets tab of the Project Request page, under Primary Disease select 
"Connectome" to find the HCP dataset. Then proceed with your application.

WU-Minn HCP Consortium

Jennifer Elam, Ph.D.
Scientific Outreach, Human Connectome Project
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Neuroscience, Box 8108
660 South Euclid Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

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