Hi Will

I'm not aware of any outstanding bugs in melodic that would cause it to 
silently hang.  Are you sure it's not just that you've run out of RAM and are 

Yes it's better to do group-ICA on grayordinates. You can still dual-regress 
that (step one into subject CIFTI, step two back into either CIFIT and/or 
volume) to get volume maps back, like we did for the most recent group-ICA HCP 


> On 13 Mar 2018, at 04:52, Will Khan <khan.wa...@florey.edu.au> wrote:
> Dear HCP Users, 
> I am currently using the ICA-FIX denoised volumetric data for 100 unrelated 
> subjects. I come across an issue where melodic appears to 'choke' or remain 
> idle for a considerable amount of time at the variance normalisation step. I 
> am running a group-ICA within a mask of the PCC. 
> I understand this issue has been reported by others and appears to be a bug 
> with the melodic command. 
> I know Steve Smith and others have cautioned against the use of the 
> volumetric data - but I am using the HCP dataset to generate group-ICA maps 
> that I later wish to dualreg onto a patient dataset. Since all my patient 
> data is in NIFTI format I am initially hesitant to use CIFTI (please correct 
> me if I am wrong here).
> Am I right to be using the volumetric data in this case? 
> Many Thanks!
> Regards, 
> Will
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