Three postdoctoral (or graduate) positions are available at the Mind, Brain 
Imaging & Neuroethics lab. The candidates should have strong background in 
brain imaging (fMRI, MRS, EEG/MEG, TMS) and preferably strong education in 
neuroscience/brain imaging, engineering, physics, and/or computational 
neuroscience for data analyses. The project focuses on resting state and its 
interaction with task-evoked activity in relation to mental features like self 
and consciousness in both healthy and psychiatric subjects where neuronal, 
electrophysiological and biochemical measures will be obtained. A specific 
focus will be on novel ways of dynamic and non-linear analyses of the brain 
imaging data in conjunction with computational modeling and signal processing 
Part of the project will be carried out in China at Zhejiang University in 
Hangzhou/China and, in part, in Ottawa/Canada as the PI has affiliations with 
both places. Hence, Chinese skills are of advantage but not a prerequisite for 
application. More information about our work can be found on the website:
For PhD candidates. Graduation at University of Ottawa (PhD) under the 
supervision of Dr. G. Northoff is possible. Salary for the postdoctoral 
candidates depends on qualifications and will be around 35.000 CAD to 70.000 
CAD. Outstanding candidates may also qualify for faculty position in China. 
Candidates shall contact: Dr. G. Northoff: (website:
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