News from the Human Connectome Project (HCP)
April 11, 2018
The HCP consortium is pleased to announce the release of fully reprocessed 7T 
fMRI data for 184 HCP-Young Adult (HCP-YA) subjects for download on 
ConnectomeDB<>. The rerelease corrects the error 
in the 7T preprocessed fMRI data for all subjects and includes other updates, 
plus the addition of multirun ICA FIX-cleaned 7T retinotopy data.
Why was the reprocessing necessary?
In the previously released 7T preprocessed fMRI data (available March-July, 
2017), all 7T fMRI scans with anterior-to-posterior, A->P phase-encoding 
(labeled *_AP) were unwarped using the incorrect direction in the fMRIVolume 
pipeline, causing the voxels in these scans to be spatially misplaced. Since 
the issue occurred in the early stages of preprocessing, we have fully 
reprocessed all the 7T fMRI data which is now available for download on 

This release includes:

  *   Corrected minimally preprocessed 7T resting state, movie watching task 
and retinotopy task fMRI data
  *   FIX-cleaned 7T retinotopy data (newly available), in addition to 
reprocessed FIX-cleaned 7T resting state and movie-watching data
  *   Per subject 7T imaging parameters, available as a single "quick 
download": 7T MRI Session Summary CSVs (184 
 in ConnectomeDB
  *   Behavioral and individual difference measure updates (applied to all HCP 
subjects, including Retest subjects):
     *   Pain intensity raw score and pain interference T-score (from NIH 
Toolbox) added
     *   Cognition composite scores (from NIH Toolbox) added
     *   Words-In-Noise Audition (from NIH Toolbox) version 2 scores added
     *   Bug fixed in NEO Agreeableness scoring (from UPenn CNP battery)
     *   Achenbach Self-report scores are T-scores, not percentile scores as 
originally reported
     *   Clarified descriptions of several measures in the S1200 release Data 
Dictionary<> available on the HCP wiki

In addition, the 
 HCP S1200 Reference 
 has been fully updated with new information regarding 7T data collection and 
protocol details and other fixes since the S1200 release.

A manuscript (Benson et al. 2018) presenting results of an analysis of the HCP 
retinotopy data is soon to be released, along with retinotopy analysis data and 
scenes to be released on the Open Science Framework<> and 
in the BALSA database<>. When these resources are 
available, we will announce the release on the HCP-Users email forum (sign up 

Along with the release, we also fixed a bug in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
access key regeneration function on ConnectomeDB. Let us know if you have any 
issues regenerating your keys.

Other changes are happening behind-the-scenes at the AWS Public Data Sets 
program. These changes should not affect users of the HCP data on AWS, but they 
are delaying our upload of the reprocessed 7T data to our AWS S3 bucket 
(currently only 3T and Retest HCP data are available on S3). Stay tuned for an 
announcement when 7T data is available.

In case you missed it.... as of March 2, 2018, all SNP Genotypes collected for 
HCP-Young Adult (HCP-YA) subjects have been released on 

Thanks again for your interest in the HCP and enjoy the data!
The WU-Minn HCP Consortium

Jennifer Elam, Ph.D.
Scientific Outreach, Human Connectome Project
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Neuroscience, Box 8108
660 South Euclid Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

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