Hi Barbara,

Are you using a packed struct? We are aware of an issue where using a packed 
struct alters the layout of the data. We are working on a fix for that issue.  
We think it should work if it is *not* packed.

If this is not the issue, can you send us a sample application that we can use 
to reproduce the issue? You can send it
to:   h...@hdfgroup.org


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Subject: [Hdf-forum] incorrect endianness when writing big-endian data on 
little-endian systems

I believe that we've encountered a bug in HDF5.

Our application receives data from a socket and writes it to a file using 
packet tables. The incoming data is in network byte order (big-endian) and all 
of the data types we specify for the packet tables are also the big-endian data 
types. We do not do any byte swapping before writing the buffer data, to reduce 

When we were using HDF 1.8.14, this produced correct files when running the 
application on a little-endian system. We've updated to 1.8.16 and now the 
files are incorrect. Specifying big-endian data types causes the data to get 
byte-swapped (even though it's already big-endian) and specifying little-endian 
data types does not do any byte-swapping. I have also reproduced this problem 
using 1.8.17 and 1.10.0 (patch 1). This happens in both Windows and Linux.

I can't find any information in the release notes about this change. We can 
revert to using 1.8.14 for now, but we've moved to Visual Studio 2015 for 
building in Windows and that means we have to patch the HDF source before we 
can build it.

Is there any way to indicate that the buffer being passed to AppendPackets 
(we're using the C++ API; the corresponding C function is H5PTappend) is 
already big-endian? We cannot allow the overhead of two byte-swap operations 
when the incoming data is already in the correct byte order.

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