My issue is related to the one presented by Terry McKiernan on 06Mar2016 at

It is similar in that I was getting exactly the same six 'unresolved symbol' 
link errors when I tried building my own C++ code using the libhdf5.lib, 
libhdf5_cpp.lib, libzlib.lib, and libszip.lib libraries that are in that are available for download from 

Likewise, when I downloaded the HDF5 v.1.8.17 repository and used CMake build 
the libraries locally, I ran into the same problem.

But my issue is also very different in that my objective is to create 
executable code that is statically linked and for that I need complete and 
truly static HDF5 libraries.

There are two points I'd like to make:

1) This is my first experience with CMake so I may be doing something wrong. 
However, it seemed reasonable to me that replacing '-C Release' on the 'ctest' 
command line with '-C Debug' should create libraries of the Debug variety. It 
didn't -- only Release libraries. And only static Debug libraries can link to a 
Debug executable.

2) Although the libraries built by running 'build-VS2013-64.bat' suffered the 
same problem as the downloadable libraries, a beneficial side effect is the 
creation of a VS2013 solution file that I can open and modify easily in the 
VS2013 GUI. When I did so, I noticed that the 'hdf5.lib' and 'hdf5_cpp.lib' 
projects were set up to generate code using shared libraries (e.g., 
'Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)' switch) rather than static libraries (e.g., 
'Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd)' switch). This was the problem. By changing these 
switches to the static ones I was able to build complete and truly static 
libraries that were fully usable for building statically linked Debug and 
Release executables from my own C++ code that makes HDF5 calls.

I wasn't expecting it to be so hard to write a statically linked version of my 
code. It took much more time than should have been necessary. I put this 
information out there in the hope that the HDF5 developers will endeavor to 
make sure that in future releases the CMake scripts and downloadable binaries 
advertised as providing static HDF5 libraries do not exhibit the flaws I 

John Ottusch

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